Introducing new speakers for news:rewired – beyond the story

We’ve been adding new speakers to our agenda for news:rewired – beyond the story over the past few weeks. In case you missed the changes, here’s who is joining us:

  • Mary Beth Christie, head of product management for, and Daniel Kennedy, founder, Video News Agency, will be speaking as part of our business models beyond the paywall session;
  • Frank Gosch, global SEO lead, Microsoft, is now on our SEO for B2B and specialist media panel;
  • Molly Flatt, 1000heads’ word of mouth evangelist will take part in our branding and entrepreneurialism session;
  • Vicky Taylor, commissioning editor, Channel 4, has been added to the digital production desk discussion.

You can view the full agenda at this link. We’ve also announced plans for the final session of the day to look at gaming and journalism, focusing on what skills, technology and techniques journalists could learn from the world of social and computer games. Speakers for this debate will include:

  • Philip Trippenbach, freelance interactive producer;
  • Mike Flood Page, former BBC executive and now editorial director at Illumina Digital; 
  • Alastair Dant, lead interactive technologist at Guardian News and Media; 
  • Professor Andy Miah, chair of ethics and emerging technologies, faculty of business & creative industries, University of the West of Scotland.

If you check out the speakers’ page you’ll see biographical information about our participants, what they look like and their Twitter details.

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