BBC to launch nationwide social survey, developer tells news:rewired

The BBC is to launch an interactive game to analyse the British Class system in 2011, the game’s creator revealed at news:rewired today.

Philip Trippenbach, an interactive producer at the BBC, said that Britain’s Real Class System is the largest social survey ever carried out in the UK.

He also revealed that the BBC has been approached with offers to purchase the data gathered from the survey, but said that the project was a strictly public service initiative.

The trans media project aims to investigate the nature of Britain’s class system. It will start with a survey early next year using a web platform that the BBC has built to gather data from members of the public.

“The aim of this survey effectively is to interview the country,” said Trippenbach.

They will use the data to build an interactive visualisation, which will allow members of the public to play with the data to understand the class system.

The data will eventually be made available to the scientific community as a whole who can use it for their research once the exclusivity period has expired.

news:rewired blogger Rosie Niven interviewed Trippenbach after the session:


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