Presentations: Lean start-up session at news:rewired


Vincent Dignan (left) and Martin Belam (right)

At news:rewired on Friday (20 September), Vincent Dignan, founder of Planet Ivyexplained how the site aimed at young people uses lean start-up principles.

Planet Ivy launched and quickly adapted based on what was successful. For example, two sections were scrapped as they were found not to be popular.

Planet Ivy has contributors who are given feedback on their writing. They are currently unpaid but the plan is to give a revenue share.

The Planet Ivy mantra is ‘don’t publish anything boring’. Here’s more on Planet Ivy.

Vincent Dignan’s presentation:

Martin Belam, project lead on UsVsTh3m, a mobile-first site from  Trinity Mirror, talked about the first four months of the site. It went from idea to launch in just five weeks, which you can read about here.



Martin Belam’s presentation:

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