July 2018

Posts published in July 2018

Beyond the news cycle: the benefits of slow journalism

Audiences are used to rolling news channels and an abundance of fresh stories from their preferred outlets every day. But what about stories and news organisations that go beyond the 24-hour cycle and commit to topics not tied to breaking news or the daily agenda? Speaking at July’s newsrewired, four proponents of this “slow journalism” […]

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How to create a successful podcast in five steps

A good podcast combines engaging stories with an audience-pleasing format that allows you to download and listen wherever and whenever. But if you’re starting a podcast, what steps should you take to establish and increase your audience? Suchandrika Chakrabarti, freelance journalist and host of the Black Mirror Cracked podcast has some lessons to share. Focused […]

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Reuters: Publicly correcting mistakes is crucial to fight fake news

Social media may perpetuate fake news but it can also be used to keep news organisations truthful, says Simon Robinson, Reuters EMEA chief. “Some of the same forces that have given rise to fake news and misinformation are also wonderful ways of keeping reporters and news organisations honest,” Robinson said in his keynote at newsrewired. […]

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Agenda updates: audience-first storytelling and newsletters

At Journalism.co.uk, we are making the final preparations for our next newsrewired digital journalism event, taking place on 10-11 July in London.

Our training day on 10 July will give delegates the change to perfect one of two skills: 360-degree video, or Instagram storytelling.

The conference on 11 July will bring together speakers and delegates from organisations leading in the media ecosystem to discuss the latest trends and techniques in digital journalism.

We are pleased to announce two new additions to the programme.

Kate Day, editor, UK, Politico, will be joining the panel on editorial newsletters strategy, discussing what underpins a strategy, how to measure success, and how the approach to newsletters links to the organisation’s editorial or commercial priorities.

Journalists and media companies today are faced with a massive change: focus on your audience first to build a sustainable media organisation and thrive in this digital era. In a workshop with Albertine Piels, director of Hackastory, you will explore a day in the life of your audience and build a user journey, and you’ll learn how to apply that knowledge to your story.

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