Newsrewired workshop: how to cultivate thriving online communities through social stories

We are pleased to announce that Hannah Ray, head of social strategy and storytelling at Vogue International, will be leading a workshop at our upcoming newsrewired conference on 7 November 2018 at Reuters, London.

This one-hour workshop will cover the theory of creating online communities in social spaces, including inspiration from top community engagers across multiple social platforms, and unpicking the core values which underpin everything they do.

Hannah Ray, head of social strategy and storytelling at Vogue International, will cover practical tips on how to identify, design and grow authentic online communities, as well as best practices for feeding and sustaining a community once it’s alive and thriving.

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The workshop is based on Hannah’s 12 years’ experience as a community leader through her work at the Guardian, Instagram, and now Conde Nast International. She is co-author of the book “Connected: the power of modern community,” and is working on a second edition exploring the power of visual storytelling on community engagement.

Hannah first joined Condé Nast International as a freelance social and community consultant and is now head of social strategy and storytelling for Vogue International and CNI.

A journalist by trade, she worked for Guardian as the newsroom’s community coordinator, and later joined Instagram’s flagship editorial team, Instagram’s first international hire, launching six international Instagram accounts and Instagram Stories.

At CNI, she launched @vogue in May this year, and provides editorial social strategy and content for 22 Vogue international Instagram accounts to elevate the Vogue international presence on visual platforms. Her passion is finding new ways of telling stories to connect people. She freelances as a community consultant and trainer for clients such as the BBC, Tate and Art Fund UK.

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The event will kick off with a keynote speech from Sarah Marshall, head of audience growth at Vogue International, who will share her best tips on growing your audience and spotting new trends in content sharing. rust remover singapore

The keynote speech will be followed by a panel discussing what Generation Z (13-24), who never knew life without smartphones, wants from news organisations.

Other sessions will look at the latest trends in use of artificial intelligence in newsrooms, what are the new strategies for content sharing, as well as workshops on social media storytelling and building successful online communities.

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