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Presentation slides – measuring success session

Journalists and newsrooms have access to more data than ever about their stories and how, when, why and where they are being read. But which metrics are actually valuable? And by what lens should newsrooms assess their work?

Analytics expert Stijn Debrouwere and City A.M. social and digital media director Martin Ashplant were joined by John LoGioco, executive vice-president at Outbrain, to discuss their views and experiences on the subject at the most recent news:rewired.

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Announcing as latest sponsor of news:rewired

We’re pleased to announce, the web analytics experts, as the latest sponsor of the next news:rewired digital journalism conference.

The conference will take place on Wednesday 23 July at MSN UK’s headquarters in London, where leading online journalists will share their work and advice in making the most of online tools and opportunities.’s Clare Carr will lead a post-lunch workshop demonstrating how audience insights can be useful to offer more relevant and engaging content as part of a wider editorial strategy, with the aim of improving metrics such as unique visitors, time-on-site and return visits.

Other news:rewired sessions announced so far include a discussion on the use of private social network in journalisms, a workshop on finding documents, data and social media content to support stories, spreadsheet skills for journalists and key social media tools.

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Announcing as latest sponsor of news:rewired – digital stories

We’re pleased to announce analytics and content optimisation platform as the latest sponsors of digital journalism conference news:rewired – digital stories.’s one-day conference takes place on Thursday 6 December at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, London.

The day will be geared towards equipping delegates with knowledge of the latest techniques and tools for producing top-notch digital journalism, as well as offering insight into some of the innovative projects evolving within today’s newsrooms, and outside of them. See the agenda here. is a predictive analytics and content optimisation platform for online publishers. Its flagship product, Dash, is a comprehensive analytics platform built to support decision-making at the editorial level, streamline reporting at the analyst level, surface opportunities on marketing content to a larger audience, and provide product value through its robust API and personalised content recommendation technology.

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