Video: How to make money online (and Hadfield on leaving the Telegraph)

In the final session at’s news:rewired event on 14 January, we looked ‘New journalism, new business models: how can journalism support itself online?’ With presentations by James Fryer, deputy editor SoGlos; Caroline Kean, partner at media law firm, Wiggin and Ben Heald, CEO, Sift, we learnt how to claim our copyright, how to develop local and niche content models, and how these panelists had made publishing pay. But the headline-grabbing lines of the session came from Greg Hadfield, head of digital media at Hadfield, whose son created Soccernet, publicly revealed that he had earlier that week resigned from the Telegraph, to join Cogapp, a digital agency. Hadfield said he would be “helping to reinvent the future and not just making the mistakes of the past”.

Video courtesy of City University London and the BBC College of Journalism:

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