Must read: Marc Reeves on the future of niche publishing

Marc Reeves, former Birmingham Post editor and now editor of West Midlands, has posted his thoughts on the problems facing the “old guard” and “new old guard” in when it comes to the future shape of the publishing and journalism industries, which are well worth a read at this link.

On the theme of our event on 25 June, the nouveau niche, Reeves explains how niche titles might fit in to this changing landscape:

As the attraction of daily, and even weekly, newsprint ‘commodity’ print publishing declines as a business model, so rises the potential of niche, less frequent specialist publications like business magazines. Defined audiences appeal to specialist advertisers, more so than absolute numbers, so it’s not surprising that a few such publications pop up to fill a perceived gap. Similarly, you’ll find no shortage of niche publications in rude health serving everyone from nudists to newt breeders.

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