Newsrewired proudly supports PressPad to foster greater diversity in UK newsrooms


94 per cent of UK journalists are white. 86 per cent have gone to university. 78 per cent of 18-34- year-olds cannot afford to live in London, away from home, to do unpaid internships and get their foot in the door.


PressPad, a social enterprise that matches young journalists with host-mentors, wants to change that. And so do we. We invited PressPad team to join Newsrewired and we give them – and you -the opportunity to work together towards greater diversity in UK newsrooms.


Since launching in May 2018, PressPad has helped match students with industry professionals to provide housing and mentorship throughout their placements in London. Its aim is to reduce the financial barrier to aspiring journalists and in turn, diversify news organisations. The Leonbet India bookmaker app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can download the Leonbet app on your iPhone directly from the free App Store or from the bookmaker’s official website.


“Yes, there are jobs that are advertised, but more often than not, there are all these informal ways to get into a staff job or contract, which require you need to take financial risks, be in close proximity, or be prepared to do unpaid work — and only a certain number of people can afford that,” said Olivia Crellin, founder of PressPad. Read more

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