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#newsrw: Marc Reeves keynote: journalists need to learn to help sell niche, targeted content

| June 25, 2010 – 3:14 pm | 6,358 views
Marc Reeves speaking at news@rewired. Picture by John Thompson

Readers have always thought of themselves in niches, claims Reeves, who calls the regional press foolish for thinking of a community of 100,000 as a single group

#newsrw: Users are an essential source of information, agree UGC panellists

| June 25, 2010 – 2:46 pm | 4,621 views
news rewired panel

Journalists need to lead by example in terms of sharing, and cultivate close-knit communities around content, according Paul Bradshaw, founder of crowdsourced investigative site Help Me Investigate

#newsrw: the Times, RBI confident of a paid-for news future

| June 25, 2010 – 2:02 pm | 7,516 views
Tom Whitwell

Times assistant editor said paywall alternatives meant “enormously intrusive advertising”, and claims that at a lot of sites “the barrier between journalism and commercial was getting very thin”

#newsrw: Need some online buzz? Create your own personalised network with social media

| June 25, 2010 – 12:20 pm | 3,768 views

Speakers from Open Democracy, Reputation Online and the Libel Reform Campaign discuss building networks and communities around content and making content ‘discoverable, shareable and allowing readers to interact with it in a live setting’

#newsrw: Mobile devices ideal for low-cost, high-volume content, says mobile panel

| June 25, 2010 – 12:10 pm | 4,925 views

Mobile devices are not a replacement for professional equipment but can provide low-cost supplementary footage, agree news:rewired speakers in the mobile journalism session

#newsrw: Couldn’t make it? Follow the news:rewired livestream here

| June 25, 2010 – 10:33 am | 2,973 views

The BBC College of Journalism will livestreaming parts of the day here on the news:rewired website

#newsrw: Keynote speaker Peter Bale kicks off news:rewired

| June 25, 2010 – 10:22 am | 5,624 views

MSN UK executive producer stresses the importance of building a personal brand online and urging journalists not to underestimate the long-term importance or new technologies

#newsrw: How to follow Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired event

| June 24, 2010 – 3:52 pm | 5,035 views

The tickets have been snapped up and the speakers are ready: the final countdown to news:rewired begins. On Friday 25 June 2010, Journalism.co.uk will host its second news:rewired event – ‘the nouveau niche’, at Microsoft UK in London.

#newsrw: Follow the tweets at news:rewired

| June 24, 2010 – 3:20 pm | 5,527 views

This live blog will pick up the tweets tagged #newsrw at Friday’s news:rewired event.

United Business Media tops list of B2B publishers represented at news:rewired

| June 17, 2010 – 8:55 pm | 8,258 views
Wordle - delegates

news:rewired – the nouveau niche, to be held in London on Friday 25 June, is an event aimed specifically at business-to-business (B2B) publishers and UK journalists working on niche titles will be well represented both …