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WATCH: How journalists should engage with readers in the comments

Ashley Muddiman, research associate on the Engaging News Project, spoke on the panel about building engaged communities at last week’s event.

In this video, she shares some of its findings and tips, such as when should journalists engage with their readers in the comments and how changing the language of these sections can help maintain a civilised conversation.

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Slides and audio – Emily Bell’s keynote speech

Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, discussed the intersection of journalism and technology in her keynote speech at the recent news:rewired conference, and how news organisations are increasingly having to compete with the giants of Silicon Valley.

See her slides and an audio recording of the speech here.

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Slides and audio – Unheard voices, untold stories

The opening panel at news:rewired looked at how news organisations are using new technology and techniques to give voice to some of the more marginalised members of society, finding new stories and audiences in the process

Fabian von der Mark, journalist, Deutsche Welle
Paul Myles, editorial manager, On Our Radar
Yasir Mirza, head of diversity and inclusion, Guardian News & Media
Anne-Marie Tomchak, reporter and presenter, BBC Trending
Moderated by:

Rachael Jolley, editor, Index on Censorship

Check out the presentations slides and audio here

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Slides and audio – Live news: On the ground and in the newsroom

One of the livelier sessions at the recent news:rewired conference looked at new issues and trends in how news organisations and journalist deal with live news.

Matt Wells, live editor at the Guardian, Claire Wardle, co-founder of EyeWitness Media Hub and research director at the Town Center, and Tim Pool, media innovation director at Fusion, all spoke in the session.

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Slides and audio – Sourcing stories on social media

Social media is taking an increasingly central role in how newsrooms find and report on stories, so expert speakers in the field came and gave their advice at last week’s news:rewired conference.

Dhruti Shah, a UGC producer at BBC News, and Jochen Spangenberg, innovation manager at Deutsche Welle and the Reveal project, gave some useful pointers.

Miss out on news:rewired? Check out the speakers slides and accompanying audio tracks from the session on ‘sourcing stories on social media’

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How journalists are using virtual reality for news

“It’s absolutely nuts, it’s an incredible experience,” said Alex Wood, editor in chief of The Memo, at news:rewired in London.

He was talking about the experience of virtual reality. Since Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion (£1.3bn) last year, it is clear how seriously technology giants are taking this new medium. Samsung, HTC and Google have developed their own headsets with the Google Cardboard available for around £10.

Experts in the emerging field of virtual reality shared their thoughts and work on how the medium can be an effective journalistic tool.

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