October 2011

Posts published in October 2011

#newsrw: BBC News sends 80,000 readers a month to Mail Online

Steve Herrmann, editor of BBC News, told Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired – connected journalism conference, held today (Thursday, 6 October) at MSN HQ in London that the news site currently generates 6.2 million click-throughs a month to external sources

BBC News is on target to double the number of links to external sources by 2013, a target set by the director general

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LIVE: Final session – The future of collaboration in digital journalism

Steve Herrmann, editor, BBC News Online; Anthony De Rosa, social media editor, Reuters, Duncan Hooper, managing editor, news and sport, MSN UK and Momoko Price, communications director, BuzzData discuss key issues, including adopting a ‘digital first’ mentality, the values and standards of the link-economy and the role and responsibilities of journalists and news organisation as active members of the open-web community.

This session is moderated by the BBC’s media correspondent, Torin Douglas

Image by Arthur40A on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Moderated by Torin Douglas, media correspondent, BBC.

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LIVE: Session 3B – Collaboration in investigative journalism

Iain Overton, managing editor, Bureau of Investigative Journalism; Simon Perry, founder, Ventnor Blog; Paul Lewis, special projects editor, the Guardian and Christine Spolar, investigations and special projects editor, the Financial Times discuss how collaboration is key for the future of investigative journalism

Image by Holger Zscheyge on Flickr. Some tights reserved.

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LIVE: Session 3A – Bringing the outside in

Carla Buzasi, editor-in-chief, the Huffington Post UK; Dominique van Heerden, digital producer, CNN; Chris Hamilton, social media editor, BBC News and Ed Barrow, chief technical officer, idio discuss how they are opening their doors to citizen journalism, bloggers and third-party opinion

Image by Tawheed Manzoor on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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Charlie Beckett: ‘Go forth, connect and innovate’

Charlie Beckett, founding director of POLIS, the journalism and society think-tank at the London School of Economics delivered the keynote speech at today’s news:rewired – connected journalism conference

Beckett, who has previously worked as programme editor for Channel 4 News and the BBC, explained why it is an exciting time to be a journalist

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