New speaker joins panel on diversity in the newsroom

We are pleased to announce that a new speaker will be joining Marverine Cole on the panel that will be discussing the best practices to build a diversified and sustainable newsroom.

Robyn Vinter grew up in Leeds and graduated top of her class at Leeds Beckett University almost a decade ago. She is, in her words, “one of those elusive working-class journalists” and does everything she can to support those who come from less well-represented backgrounds.

Robyn launched The Overtake, an investigative news website for millennials based in Leeds, in October 2017. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Georgina Henry Award at the Press Awards and this year was nominated for the Paul Foot Award for her investigation into racist London nightclubs. Before The Overtake, she wrote for publications including the i paper, The Guardian, BuzzFeed and the New Statesman. Marriage lawyer in Parramatta. Divorce lawyers parramatta.

Other topics you can look forward to at Newsrewired:

  • How to grow your audience beyond loyal subscribers to build a sustainable revenue model
  • Beyond the shiny new things: devising and driving fundamental transformation in your news organisation
  • How mobile journalism is empowering citizen reporters, plus the latest tips and tricks to up your own mojo skills
  • …and much more

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